Monday, February 22, 2010

A Journey Begins: Glenwood Springs

What's snowboarding without getting out to see friends and new mountains? This year I'm headed on a three-way trip that will take me to Aspen, Salt Lake City and Jackson. Time is short now, but leg 1 is already done! A whirlwind of four days in and around Aspen and Glenwood Springs, CO saw new snow measured by the foot, fur coats measured by the dozen and house prices measured by the tens of millions. Vail and Snowmass had the in-bounds fluff and Williams Peak held the backcountry deepness. Deep in this case was between kneecap and nutsack. My 155 stayed at home in favor of a borrowed 164 wide. Fluffy, too. They claimed it was heavy for them, but that's just the difference between western Colorado and northern Oregon. That was just what I needed. Next stop Salt Lake. I hope Snowbird got in on that storm...


  1. Nice! Hope you have a great journey, definitely some great mountains you'll hit up on the way!

  2. Some of our clients came and built homes in Northern MN 'cause the houses N living were too spendy out Aspen way...Hope you have a great boarding safe boarding and driving trip!Say, with that avalanche beacon dija get a free shovel? :<))'
    Auntie Bonnie

  3. Shay, it was pretty much all-time. That fluffy, continental snow is so much fun.

    Bonnie, it's all about location, right? Everyone competing for one mountain or everyone with her own lake... I did look at a real estate book in Jackson and they ran the whole range: $200K - $20M, 2 bedroom condo to 20,000 sq. ft. mega mansion. Oh and I already had a shovel. Haven't had to dig anyone out just yet.


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