Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Journey Continues: Snowbird

First off, what kind of blogger forgets the camera cable!? Maybe I'll take some phone pics, maybe I won't take the time because I'd rather be 'out there' anyway.

Back to back days riding Snowbird (Utah) was some of the leg-thrashing-est riding in my life. Three-thousand vertical at a shot on one tram blows away anything I've ridden before. Add to that the steeep pitch and chunky bumps (at least the first day) and my legs were ready to go on strike when we went back at it day 2.

Day 2, of course it snowed, but it was a weekday, so it was empty. No waiting for the tram, just my buddies waiting for me. This list of friends old and new includes, but is not limited to Ben Pellegrino, Forrest Shearer and Mark Edlund. How am I supposed to keep up with that!? 'Where's Graham?' became the #1 hit song for the day. Mostly I made it back to the tram to meet them. When we switched it up to the other side of the mountain, the phone tag game began. Let me be clear, it was dumping outside, too. The fresh was 6-8" deep and I was having a blast. When it came time for one last traverse out the gate that felt like it lasted forever, I knew it was last run and really hoped that no 'last run' jinxes tripped me up. When the traverse finally turned into downhill, the pow was epic; soft and deep. Face shots, roostertails and inadvertent cannonballs. We took it all the way to the road and hitched out of there to cap off a beautiful day.

Next up, Jackson Hole. Here I sit banging a keyboard instead of exploring new territory. That ends now. Details from riding yesterday and tomorrow will emerge in a few days. . . and maybe even some pictures.

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