Friday, February 5, 2010

Baker Banked Slalom: the Night Before

I'm officially a Bellinghamster for the next few days as this weekend is the Legendary Banked Slalom. You might as well make this your homepage 'til Monday, I'll have all the info you need. Actually, I'll probably 'blow it' and hike around the mountain with a bunch of friends I don't get to see nearly often enough. You know I gotta get out there with my new toy, though. It's Baker, what would you do?

Toys that I hope I never have to use.

If I get tired enough, I'll venture down to the course and see what's up. News is the final turn has been dubbed 'The Gravitron.' Here's hoping that's the only thing that resembles a carnival. If they hired barkers for lifties and the chairs smell like cotton candy and vomit, I'm demanding a refund. Unless I can play skee-ball and win a five-foot stuffed pink giraffe. That might be hard to ride with, though.

I'm calling it an early night tonight in favor of getting an early start tomorrow. Weird, I know. The way things are laid out this weekend, I'm sure future-me will thank current-me for that decision. If you happen to be at Baker at all this weekend, come check out the race and watch a little bit of history. Terje's not training for the Olympics, you can come fan-out on him. They serve free snacks at the top of the course and they have free demo snowboards at the bottom. You don't have to eat before you come or even bring your own deck. How's that for full-service!? If you see me, come say hi. I'll be the one with the dented helmet, broken goggles, beard-cicle and oversized neon safari animal...

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