Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Board Exam: 2008/2009 Salomon Answer Snowboard Review

The Rep Said: Great, poppy all-mountain freestyle board.

Stats/Setup: I'm checking in around 6'1" and 170# depending on what I ate for breakfast. I got the 32s on my toes, size 10.5 Focus Boas to be exact. Keeping them company are some Union Force SL bindings. I rode this board on a demo day, so I only had it for one, short run. "It" was the 159 size.

Conditions: Rain at the resort (Mt. Hood Meadows). Groomers anywhere from hard and icy at the top of the lift to soft and slushy at the base.

First impression: Cool graphics-on-wood topsheet. Average weight.

The Ride: In a word, poppy. This is a cambered board with bamboo construction that will have you boosting over 'SLOW' signs with your eyes closed. Couple that with a mid-firm flex (I'd give it a 6 out of 10, 10 being lead pipe) and this board owned Ridge Run, which is basically a long quarterpipe wall, regular-footer's (me) frontside. Careful with the switch, though, it is  a directional deck.

Bottom Line: The rep nailed it. The Salomon Answer is a super-poppy, all-mountain frestyler. Hit the pipe, lap the park, maybe skip the rails. At least I did. Spring from turn to turn with all the life expected from that much bamboo. Maybe even feel good about the environmental qualities of your board. The Salomon Answer, what was the question again?


  1. that one of them bamboo topsheets?

  2. You know it! Want another pic? OK...

  3. I was thinking about getting this board but I'm a beginner. Do you think I'll have problems learning with this board ih in a 156 size if I'm 6'ft 175lbs?


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