Thursday, May 10, 2012

Superpark 16: Seeing Ghosts

Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark 16 is such a mindjob. So many riders are cruising around and they're all so good. I had never heard of half these kids before I got here and they're all just out of control. Jaeger Bailey sounds like some college-kid drink. Turns out it is a person and he rips. Check out the shin-bang front flip he does to end this video

Plenty of old-school shreds are representing as well. Dale Rehberg, Dave Lee, Russell Winfield and Wes Makepeace were cruising. Winfield was riding on '93 rules, "Nothing over a 360 and if you don't poke it, you gotta go home." Chris Brunkhart was even capturing it all on Super 8.

How to give a cop a heart attack. Rider: Brandon Reis, Graffiti: Avert Guldemond

So much fun, even I took a run through.
The mountain in the back is Broken Top, the rider is hoping not to get broken off.
At one point, Austin Hironaka came up short on this burly step-up, sending the photographers on the deck scrambling. Everyone was OK, but it prompted a brief shutdown to reshape the takeoff and change underwear. The photo below shows the deck, photogs and I supposed we might as well put a feature there, too.

Josh Dirksen practicing for this weekend's Big Wave Challenge
Pouncing on the cat

Peter Line, still a big deal. The Burtners know what's up.
Keep checking back. Features are still being built, if you can believe that. Boreal was still working on an even bigger wall when I left last night. Of course, check out Snowboarder Magazine for all the best. It being their event and all. Now go chug a Gatorade and buy a Prinoth! Energy! Snow pushing!!

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