Friday, May 11, 2012

Superpark 16: Eyes Wide, Shut Up and Sit Down

I feel like I should be riding around this place with a bag of Reese's Pieces and a bucket of popcorn. Maybe some Junior Mints and a Pepsi. Between all the tech rail wizardry and aerial acrobatics performed without harness or net I'm in a constant state of astonishment. I know, I shouldn't give in. I should remain fully with-it and detached. 'He wheelied a little on the landing of that switch backside 12. I wouldn't even use it in the edit.' That should be me. With the cappuccino in the shade. I'm not that guy. Hope I never am. We'll leave that to jaded team manager dude. I just close my eyes and shake my head. Take for example Jaeger Bailey. Watch this video all the way through and tell me what you think of the ender - his second edit-ender, by the way. Did he really just do that? Close eyes. Shake head. Usually I'll talk about someone doing a late front flip as a way of saying he fell on his face. Guess I'll have to come up with a new one. Plenty of guys doing tweaked out shifties and slo-mo spins on these uber-booters, too. Chris Bradshaw's style. Andrew Brewer's backflips. A double cork over here. A handplant on a tree over yonder.

That's the only problem with Superpark. It's too big. You never know where - or when - the epicness is going to go down. Two things to look for are the big inflatable Gatorade bottle and Pat Bridges. One of those usually oversees all things earth-shattering. Pat, being more mobile, is the better bet. But he's also smaller and harder to pin down. Here's a rundown of the shred rad that I managed to witness on this day.

Knut Eliassen, Robbie Sell and Cory Grove among a crew checking the upper Seven Springs jump.
He could tuck the knee more, but the style arm is right there. That's as jaded as I get.
To the hills.
Oh, we got rails, too. I'll get a better shot of this feature. Too much rad for one shot.
Speaking of rails, the Boreal rail feature was one of those 'right places' last night. Niko Cioffi blasted a wallride across the whole thing, Sage Kotsenburg gapped the whole feature and Halldor Helgason did a sick nose stall to backside boardslide to shut the place down.

As close as you're going to get to a sequence from me...
...because this one's from a non-make anyway. Halldor Helgason
Aaaand here's how to miss the shot. Niko Cioffi with the full-pull wallride.

I've got one more day of Superparking left, so prepare to be astonished just a little more. Bangers and hammers. None of that 'He came off the rail a little early,' bull. Close your eyes. Shake your head. 

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