Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Superpark 16: This is Not a Contest

Superpark 16. It's all there in the name. It's just like your resort's park, only super-sized. Just like the dudes who ride there, only super-pros. Just like the bloggers who cover it, only, well actually the bloggers are the same. The other photogs and filmers are super, though. The number 16 represents the number of years Snowboarder Magazine has been running Superpark. I'm glad they didn't go with the easy 'Sweet Sixteen' theme and opted instead for a gameshow motif.

You're the next contestant on Superpark 16
Props go out to Gatorade for sponsoring the event and hooking everyone up with liquid sugar. They also have some 'energy chew' candies this year that are basically gummy bears for vegetarians. Wait, do vegetarians eat gummy bears? No? The gelatin, eh? Also on the sponsor tip, Prinoth. Never heard of 'em? They make snowcats, which are important to this event. Look for lots of them parked in the channels and on the decks of jumps. You know, to provide context and texture.

Prinoth: pushing pow for prime pop

Just in case you forgot who was paying for the show
Mt. Bachelor is hosting the proceedings on the Sunrise Lodge side of the mountain, the Sunrise and ultra-slow Rainbow lifts shuttling riders. Park builders from Boreal, Loon and Seven Springs joined the Bachy crew to turn what's left of the snow into features fit for freestyle fantasy.

Keeping the Mongols at bay
Look for some jumps to really start going off tomorrow. Speed should be checked. Conditions should be prime. Corks should be multiplied. Dudes gettin dizzy. 'Til then, this.

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