Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Personal Opening Day: 2010/2011

Finally, my glorious return to the mountain. And it was good. After overcoming a serious case of Opening Day Anxiety, thanks to Ben's motivational skills and Pat's driving skills, I was stricken by an equally critical case of Mad Pow Disease. I took my medicine, including some shots to the face, and in the end, all was well.

The weather wasn't nearly as cold as reported. The driving, well, thanks Pat! And the snow, ah the snow. Two feet of fluff in 24 hours. Not only was it good for the Cascades, I'd put it up against anything. Cold temperatures and breezes left deep drifts that made for fat slashes and soft landings. The sub-zero wind-chill readings must have been taken at the top of Vista. The wind was still on duty for snow pick-up and drop-off services both runs I took on that side of the hill. Avoiding the scoured areas to slash the deep pockets and rip the lips was worth the effort, but not worth potential frostbite. We finished the day nearly where we started, treed gullies and banks.

Of course, the day wasn't without drawbacks. About 15 minutes of one group of friends trying to find the other brought the mood down. As did that damn wind when it kicked up. So did the fact that Meadows is making snow. Why would they make snow right now when so much is in the forecast? I don't even mean La NiƱa, I mean the 7-day forecast.

Don't blow snow. If you do, don't blow it straight at the lift line.

Overall, it was a great day. We got powder, sun and we even remembered the post-shred parking lot beers. A random Tuesday before Thanksgiving is not supposed to be this good. I feel like we're a month ahead of the game. Here's to an all-time season!


  1. serious! best day I've remembered in a while. blasting off some drops into bottomless crystals. and the sun! I didn't even know mt. hood had days like that.

  2. I scratched up my base on some thin-cover, but yeah, I'm hoping for more days like that as the snow piles up. See you out there.


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