Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mt Hood Meadows Turnin' Them Lifts

A huge storm came through the area and dumped two feet on Hood last night. The powers that be at Meadows said, "Good enough," and set opening day for Saturday. The official release contains phrases like 'limited opening,' 'early-season conditions' and 'unmarked obstacles.' Allow me to translate, "We'll be running two lifts, max, and most of the runs will look like the road did on the drive up, plus some shrubbery. Not the decorative kind either, the kind that you have to ride through to get onto and off of the lift." Somehow they're going to have two parks. One with actual jumps! Cynical? Who wants to know!? But I still wouldn't pay money to ride. I have a season pass, though, and a 'rock board'. So, like a fat guy's coat, I'm torn. Friday afternoon they'll drop more info on which lifts are running. Sounds like a good time to make a decision.

Their best attempt at making it look enticing

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