Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanks for pumpkin pie and the ability to make it. Mmm mmm

Thanks for my health. Most of the time, I feel great. Except my knees and sometimes ankles. They feel like they're twice as old as the rest of me.

Thanks for my family and friends. I always know where to go to hear it like it is.

Thanks for snowing in town close to a holiday weekend. That way the Portland and Hood River-area schools get their snow days out of the way and don't crowd up the mountain during normal weekdays.

Thanks for not snowing in town any more the rest of the season. That's enough gong show for one winter.

Thanks readers. You make this seem like a real gig. Even though it's not, I still try harder than I would in a random journal. Keep coming back, I appreciate you.

Thanks for the early-season powder. Keep it up!

Thanks for all the opportunities. I hope to grab them all by the lips and suplex them into oblivion.

Thanks for snowboarding. Otherwise, winter would just be fucking depressing.

Thanks for the option to delay the posting of this blog. I wrote it on Wednesday, but you won't see it until Thursday. That way I can still eat some rad turkey dinner tomorrow. I could just save it in a random file, but that would be so much more work. This way feels like time travel just a little.


You fill in the blank. Hope your holiday was dope. See you Monday.

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