Monday, August 23, 2010

Portland Bridge Pedal

Any city that sits on two rivers is going to have a couple bridges. Portland has 10 and that's just on the Willamette River. During the Portland Bridge Pedal, applicants to the 10-bridge ride get to cross all but two (yeah, we repeated a couple and left out Burnside and Broadway). Now this was no bike lane traffic jam, we actually took to the roadway with the traffic blocked off.

Looking up the Fremont Bridge on a light traffic morning   
Congressman Earl Blumenauer delivers the opening address

Widest 'bike lane' ever on the St. Johns Bridge

The finish area: munch a free snack, hear the pep band play Thriller

The sun was still high in the sky when we finished, but after 40 miles and about 5 hours of biking, I was done. No amount of free chocolate milk, Clif Bars, sports drinks, ice cream bars or popsicles could revive me. A 3-hour nap on the other hand...


  1. My helmet is in one of these photos! I'm a celebrity!

  2. i should read your stuff more frequently. good luck at the thing. i'll be eating bday OSF while you're recovering :)


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