Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bridges: Now With More Running and Biking

Warrior Dash training is moving right along. Today I ran for eight straight minutes, walked for five, then ran for eight more. My knees feel normal, too. No painkillers required. My ankles feel a little worse for wear, but nothing I can't sleep through. Overall things are going much better than I expected. The shoes broke in almost instantly and are now quite comfortable. I'm not wearing them to the beach instead of flip flops, but they feel good on a run.

Speaking of running here's a picture of one of the places where I train. When I'm in the mood for speed work, I head to this bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge:  51 stairs and 11 seconds to the top.

I know what you're thinking... it's because it's on Brooklyn Street. And because I have to go hard to make it through more than a couple intervals. Last time I did nine and almost fainted. Then I questioned my purpose the whole walk home. If only there was a mountain bike trail I could actually bike to. Thing is, by the time I drive to the nearest one, I'd already be done with a session at the bridge and back home. Sounds like an argument for me living closer to the mountains, I know. This running shit better have me riding harder come winter time.

Oh, here's a special little event I get to do this weekend, the Portland Bridge Pedal. Once a year, for one day only (just a couple hours really) Portland closes her bridges to motor vehicles and lets people bike across them. It's an organized event (unfortunately that means we have to pay) that draws thousands of bikers every year. This will be my first. A fun little 46 mile spin. See, training can be fun. It's still so strange to be writing about training. I feel like I'm talking about someone else...

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