Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Warrior Dash Learning

Over the weekend I did my most intense training for the Warrior Dash. I knocked off a four and a half mile run on a flat course in 35 minutes and ran either 3.3 or 2.7 miles (depending on whose map or GPS you trust) on a hilly course in 31 minutes. My confidence for the Dash is at an all-time high. At the end of the hilly run, I even did a bit of bear crawl under some playground equipment to simulate warrior obstacles. Nearby parents shared quizzical looks as they shepherded their children away from the crazy, ursine man.

Also, I'm getting a fair amount of contribution for my fundraising efforts. As of this writing, I'm still short of the $200 goal I set in order to wear a costume for the race. Not much short, but still short. Keep those dollars coming, race day is now inside a week!

One of the fun things about training has been discovering new things in my own neighborhood. For example, roses grow in any patch of grass left unattended. That's not news, this is the City of Roses after all. The fun flora doesn't stop there. Apricot, plum or plucot trees grow quite hardily and right about now anyone running on the sidewalks will have to navigate the minefield of their fruity droppings. I don't know when fig season is, but some of the trees in my neighborhood look like they're nearing harvest time. I've only ever seen one kiwi tree in my entire life and it just happens to grow six blocks away.

Just your neighborhood kiwi tree

This Sequoia 'totem' spreads her arms a block off the beaten path
Another thing I 'learned' in my training: running outside in 103° heat is just as miserable as 60 and hosing rain. I'm not sure which is worse. One thing's for certain, knowing I can run through those conditions was a big confidence boost. It's too soon for an accurate race day forecast, but my crystal ball says it won't be any worse than anything I've already been through.

Now, it's all over but the race. The hard training is behind me. I'll run a shorter route or two over the next few days, but nothing over a mile. Mostly I'm just letting my body recover from the hard stuff. In other words, I'm ready. I actually looked forward to and enjoyed my hardest training toward the end, so the race should be a good time. Barring catastrophe, I will compete and complete. Now I just need a couple more bucks and a kick-ass costume. Any ideas?


  1. 60?
    plaese 2 clamuppify until it's sub-40. 37 and raining is the coldest I've ever been in PNW.

    "just saying," ncept I don't say that.

  2. You're right, a, but this was all in the span of a few summer weeks. If it gets to 37 in September, well then, you win. Just sayin' =)

  3. I'm running the Warrior Dash in July 2011 in Michigan. Still thinking about a costume, but really, more concerned with just being able to complete the course!

  4. Joe, if your course is anything like ours, you'll have a long bottleneck at the obstacles that will give you time to catch your breath. Unless you're one of those overachievers out front...


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