Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Powder Day Volcom Giveaway!

hands off the jacket, Charlie
Charlie Slasher not included
It's finally snowing a bit out here in Oregon and it's about time. My first pow day came damn near all the way through February! I know the rest of you have been waiting a while for a proper winter, too (unless you're in the Midwest or East Coast, in which case, congrats, or Japan, in which case do you have a room I can rent next winter?), so I'm here to help you out with some free shit! This here's a Volcom Service 4-Way Stretch Jacket. I'm no expert on 4-Ways, but that's a lot of stretch. This thing shines like the sun, too, so all your buddies will be able to see you even when you're fully immersed in the white room. All you gotta do is comment on this post, 'like' the related instagram (@boredyak) and/or retweet the tweet (@boredyak). Use the hashtag #yakjacket so I can find you. Oh, you know you have to follow my channels, too, dunce. May the best (random) fan win!


  1. Replies
    1. It is. Much like I rigged all over your mom last night? I actually owe you some free shit that I was going to coordinate over Banked Slalom, but forgot. Send me your address and I'll hook your ass up.


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