Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Ain't No Stadium Cheer

2nd Annual Big Wave Challenge Barrels Mt. Bachelor

The surf was firing at Mt. Bachelor this weekend for Gerry Lopez's 2nd Big Wave Challenge. Bachelor Parks staff were putting in serious work with Superpark just finishing up and now an ocean full of berms, hips and snake lines constructed for this event. They even had to bring in an excavator for the over-vert cradle at the bottom of the hill.

Mystery rider just getting shacked
Contestants were ripping the course from every possible angle. Big methods and bigger slashes were popping every other hit. The judges - Bend resident Austin Smith among them - were were under constant fire as one 'wave' was right under their chairs. I'm not sure if spraying the judges helped or hurt scores. I bet it felt good either way. A big middle finger to the man. Contestants and public alike sessioned the course until long after the event was over. Curtis Woodman was ripping all day. After his first run, he exclaimed, "That was the awesome-est run of my life!"

The line-up
Some kook
Bjorn Leines taking a big drop.
Leis and Hawaiian shirts were in full effect all day. Board shorts, too, as the temp broke 50. The sweet sounds of Hawaiian musician Bill Keale kept everyone feeling the aloha into the night. Well, that plus the drink specials.

1st - Gus Warbington
2nd - Forest Devore
3rd - Josh Dirksen

1st - Ashley Thornton
2nd - Desiree Melancon
3rd - Jess Kimura

Old Dogs

1st - Mike Newcomb
2nd - Matt Montage
3rd - William Weaver

1st - Gus Ferguson
2nd - Alder Butsch
3rd - Lui Bilello-Lewis

Show them what they win.

Nice little fin plaque

Custom Gerry Lopez board for the real deal.

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