Monday, May 14, 2012

Superpark 16: Go Ahead and Tell 'Em

Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark 16 presented by Gatorade, Prinoth and Sunriver Resort (should have been presented by Drink Water or Boneyard Brewing) is officially over. I think some ski contest is desecrating using their jumps now. Mt. Bachelor saw some heavies over the week and it all got critical on the final day.

I didn't witness any of them, but I sure heard the cheers and stories about three triple corks that went down. Two out of three (ain't bad) of them are on the day 5 video (don't miss the frontside 5 to tripod and Big Mike spitting hot fire - shirtless, natch - on the top Boreal feature).  I never did hear who pulled off the third triple cork, but Pat Bridges himself was trying to hunt down video of it as late as the wrap party.

Speaking of the editor of Snowboarder Magazine, he knocked off his 68th different handplant location at Superpark 16. I think he goes by event because he also said he planted three different features at Superpark. What's up, Pat? What's the plant count and criteria? 

Back to the day at hand. The first thing I did on the last day was peep that weird Mt. Bachelor feature:
Not that weird.

All that and a pole jam on the backside. No homo.
Dudes were handplanting and jibbing. No weird simultaneous air/jib/plant action. I hope someone did that though. That feature had more angles than the Missouri River. Wait, maybe that's 'anglers.' Either way, fools were reeling in the transition like walleye.


Wyatt Caldwell jibbin'
After that, I rolled down to this multi-purpose structure you may remember from Thursday:

All about choices. Some of the lines cut in this thing were straight confusing.
Just in time to see this gang mobbing through:

My snowboard for a video camera, STAT!
The resultant Chinese downhill plus innovative slope feature was the best thing I saw all trip. Nothing but homies popping up and disappearing, over and over. Like being in an Airblaster movie.

Not even close to doing it justice. So much fun.
I ended the day and the event at the Boreal feature up top. I didn't really think that thing was ever going to get finished or look good or get hit if it did get finished. Proven wrong once again. It looked like a shred BBQ when I got there. Fools just camped out drinkin', smokin', straight west coastin' and all that. 

Some more interested than others.
Pat Bridges, interested; photog, not.
Jake Olson-Elm with the drop after creeper crawling across the top of the wall.
Bjorn Leines, frontside 5 tail tap, shadows looming.
Fo' real
At the end of it all, riders descended on Bend's Astro Lounge like ants on a forgotten deviled egg. Wes Makepeace rocked a set and Pat Bridges gave some of that Gatorade money to Seth Hill for the Driven from Within award. Said he had to kick Seth off the hill at 7pm multiple times. Said Seth broke a board at the sunrise shoot before most riders were awake. Probably a safe bet it was before some of them were asleep. A member of Bachelor's park staff confirmed it. Said Seth was dropping twice to most others' once. Look for this young Sims rider on the come-up.

Look for me not snowboarding again for a while. Unless it's at Timberline just getting my slush slash fix. Actually look for the Big Wave Challenge recap coming up quick. In a word: awesomefunsurftastic. Hashtag that twerps. 

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