Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Other Planet

What am I getting into!?

Unearthly. That's the only way I can describe Death Valley. After a series of mountain ranges, including one that holds the largest in the lower US, how could any rain possibly make the journey from the sea. The word 'desert' doesn't even start. To step out of your car is to make a serious commitment. Fuck around out there and it's your ass. I went through a litre of water and I never ventured far, no hikes, no impromptu calisthenics. Maybe a maximum of 20 minutes before retreating back to the conditioned air of my automobile. Speaking of which, the '1' setting on the dial didn't even make a difference. The sun mocks the '1' setting. You best be turning it up to '11.' Then, when you start climbing the next mountain range, you can feel like your car is going to spontaneously combust from the engine compartment. All of this is a huge disservice to the majesty that is Death Valley. The views and geology are unique and astounding. If you ever get the chance, check it out. Just not in the summer. See what I mean...

The journey begins

...and continues

Bullwinkle's friend

This thing was buried way in the shade,
It's 109° in Vegas right now and it wasn't even close there.
More like 120°

It was so hot at this point I was delirious

And to make matters worse, I was attacked by a gun-toting alien.

As I said, now I'm in Las Vegas, housing the No Limit cash games. I've got some friends who are really good at this game and are playing in some WSOP events. Some have cashed, others weren't so lucky. Stay tuned for some poker pics and more words from the road as I move east through Utah and Colorado.


  1. we used to hit up death valley when I was a kid...I drove the car when I was five. Not even on anyone's lap, just fully solo behind the wheel...giant dried lake bed, tweren't no thang.

    place is rad. I haven't been back as an adult; probably should check it out again...

    also: f aliens.


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