Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snowboarder and Transworld Done Already!?

Dying breed
How are these the last issues of the year? I mean, of these two illustrious magazines, that is. I've let some subscriptions slide and I have some others (shout out to frequency!), but Snowboarder and Transworld are letting it go. It's not even February yet! The meat of the season is still ahead of us and you're done publishing already!? How can you not just shift everything back a month? You know, put the gear guide out in September instead of August (or even October) and then still have an issue in mailboxes in February, aka the best month to snowboard in the Northern Hemisphere.

Are you banking on us not needing as much help getting stoked in February? I could buy that. Usually the snow is flying and the board bags stay packed. Lately, weather is less predictable. I'm spending more time in the weight room than in the white room. Shit, the forecast for this weekend at my local knob is mid-50s and sunny. Farther down the hill, they're not even running the lifts. I know the winter is long, but it's bleak right now.

We need the mags now more than ever. I'm a big fan of sitting by the window with a mug of something warm or a bottle of something cold while thumbing through pages of something with pictures of snow. No multi-tab browsing to distract me. Videos are great and all, but my work is on that machine. When I get away I want to be all the way away. Analog immersion. No keyboards and power cords, just words and pictures. Bring it back, guys. Help me out!

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