Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mt. Hood Meadows FREE Avalanche Awareness Class

It's good to see Mt. Hood Meadows offering a free avalanche awareness class. Hell, it's good to see anyone offering an avy basics class. And that's all it is, folks. Just the basics, an hour and a half, all indoors. You want the full cert, you gotta go elsewhere. Hopefully they'll offer something like that at Meadows or at least through Meadows soon, what with all the gated backcountry access and all. Also, it's the same day as a Base Camp Brewery tasting event. Sounds like a combo to me. Here's the full resort verbiage.

Time: 1-2:30 PM
Location: White River Room at Mt. Hood Meadows

Course Description 
Introduce and explain to students where and why avalanches occur. 
Describe who gets caught and why. 
Provide a basic approach to staying safe in the backcountry. 

This course targets the unaware backcountry traveler, and introduces the recognition of avalanche danger and how to reduce the risk. 

Student Learning Outcomes 
Learn to access local avalanche bulletins and weather reports.
Recognize basic signs of avalanche danger. 
Learn to avoid avalanche danger. 
Understand the need for companion rescue techniques and equipment. 
The course will utilize interactive presentation materials and local case histories and encourage questions from the audience. Participants that are more than casual users of the backcountry are encouraged to take a multiple day avalanche course.

No required equipment is required. This course will take place indoors. 

Please sign up for this FREE course by emailing Nick Asher at


Then head over to the mid-hill Mazot for a taste of Base Camp Brewing's first packaged IPA the Ultra Gnar Gnar IPA (no I did not make that up) 'til 4. Full words here.

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