Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Update On a Slow Winter

I've ridden my snowboard four times this winter. Mt Hood has been better for working on your tan than it has been for pow turns so far. Worry not. February is when it all happens. There's a bunch of snow in the forecast right now. You know what that means? Yup, time for me to take a trip to Colorado! It's OK, there's snow in the forecast there, too. 

Colorado is home to the SIA Snow Show. Any requests? I'll be there for the duration. That's four days of convention center polo and two days of playing with the freshest of new gears at the On-Snow Demo. I've seen peeks at a snowboard you can 'lock' and 'unlock' and a beenie made out of opossum fur (really). Another great year of innovation and inebriation at SIA, no doubt. Keep checking back here and my instagram and twitter feeds (@boredyak) under the hashtag #SIA14 for full updates of the concise and picturesque variety. How many times can my mind be blown? How much free stuff can I get? Will anybody hire me to write for them? What terrible company from last year won't be around this year? What terrible company from this year won't be around next year? Hold fast, dear reader, these answers and more await!

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