Sunday, November 10, 2013

Board Exam: 2012/2013 Burton Mystery Flying V Snowboard Review

Not much to look at...
What the Rep Said: It costs $1500. What's it made out of? I dunno, moon rocks and unicorn fur?

First Impressions: Understated topsheet. Holy shit, this is light!

Stats/Setup:  I'm 6'1" and about 162 pounds as of this demo. I rode the Burton Mystery 158 with Salomon Dialogue boots (men's 9.5) and Burton Malavita bindings at Mt. Hood Meadows.

...except the price tag!
Conditions: Soft groomers and some boot-top pow

The Ride: This is the lightest board I've ever ridden. That translates into increased maneuverability in all situations. It helps get edge-to-edge quickly (along with the Flying V profile and narrow waist). Even when you are out of position, you can get back into position quickly and easily. You never have to muscle this board around, you just sort of put it where it needs to be. It actually feels like the board isn't there at times, in the air and in powder, for example. It's a surreal feeling.

On landings the Mystery feels damp to the point of tinny deadness. It slaps down like an aluminum pan on a granite countertop. When you match transitions, it's a thing of beauty.

The mid-flex of the Mystery, along with the Flying V allows for great presses and impressive pop for a rockered board. You can also slash like a fiend and get the board back under you with a quickness.

I confess I didn't hit any rails and I didn't really get it up to speed. I was too busy bobbing through trees, where this board shines. It floats fine, but I didn't find anything deeper than a knee-capping drift or two.

One last thing, if you demo this board, try to make it the last one of the day. Anything you ride after it will feel heavy and sluggish. Sorry Burton Juice Wagon, I can't even give you a fair shake.

Head on over to Burton for all the gory deets.
Bottom Line: It's light and expensive. I could never spend $1500 on a snowboard (short of tripping over a duffle bag full of gold) but if you've got the means, and you want to walk on the moon, this is your board.

Similar Boards: Yeah right.


  1. They still using the honey comb core design on these? I owned two Burton T6's(originally 800-900$) with the aluminum honey comb core, fastest, lightest most maneuverable boards I've ever ridden, to bad they got damaged so easily......oh well they look great when their backlit on a wall since you can literally see through them.

  2. A combination of the technicians not knowing and Burton being secretive has me scratching my head as to what's inside this thing. My guess is lots of carbon and air. I never rode a T6, but heard some high praise. If Burton does another demo day, I'm either going to try to ride the Mystery all damn day or just not even ask about it. Once was enough. It could ruin me if I get used to it.

  3. I'm new to snowboarding and I'm ready to buy my own board but don't know where to start. I'm 6'2 220 currently and going down every couple weeks. Had back surgery and finally getting back in shape. I'll be about 205 when I'm back to pre surgery shape. I wear a size 12. Any help would be much appreciated!

    1. Burton Custom X 164cm
      This is a great board without breaking the bank too bad. For the boards that are for bigger guys.....this is the shi$#@!

  4. Anonymous, I'd start at your local snowboard shop. They will be able to give you a good idea of the types of boards to look at based on your size and where you ride. Be honest with the shop workers and yourself. Get yourself quality gear and it should provide you many years of fun. Also, check out the events calendar at your local mountain. You might be able to find a demo day to try out a board before you buy. Also, many demo centers will charge around $40 for a demo board for the day (as opposed to the rentals, which aren't nearly as good). If you end up buying, they might knock that $40 off the sale price. Good luck and have fun.

  5. I bought the Mystery Flying V last year in January. A lot of money for a snowboard......but i have to say....well worth it. Unbelievable in transition and all out down hill nuking. Feels so light and smooth under my feet i actually had to change my stance because I got so relaxed I got too surfy and a little bump took my legs out from under me at about 40mph. Not good. lol


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