Friday, July 26, 2013

Videograss' The Last Ones Portland Premiere

I'm sure it's hard work, but the subtitle 'All the Labor' is a little much.
Seriously. Snowboard movies in July!? Yes, July. Mostly it was because the VG session was up at High Cascade, so they could get everyone - from the ender to the gaffer - to show up at the premiere. But still, it is July and I'm not really in that mode yet. This video did precious little to change that.

Joe Sexton had a killer part. He can do all the rail tricks. Chris Bradshaw still has steez for leagues. Bryan Fox had more backcountry shots than the rest of the film together. I'm not sure why he films for VG, he must like those guys a lot. It's clear he's the token backcountry guy. He certainly rode more pow than me last year and his part had me itching a little. Scott Stevens had another part that left me shaking my head and laughing. So long as I'm still laughing and not slapping my forehead. One binding, no bindings, board-to-board transfers, you know the drill. Fun shit that you would never think of.

Overall it was a fun movie. Mostly because the crowd was so amped. That was the most in-to-it the crowd has ever been for one of these midweek premieres ever and that made for such a rad night. Too bad I can't invite that crew over to watch shred flicks with me all the time, then I might buy this one. As it is I won't. You just can't repeat that theater experience. Sorry if you missed it. Keep an eye out for showings near you.

The beer line was packed. Feel free to play 'name that pro.'

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