Saturday, July 27, 2013

Devils Peak Hike

Didn't see Quasimodo or the Devil for that matter.
Hiking, kids. It's just like splitboarding, only you don't get to snowboard down. And it's in the summer. The pack is lighter, too. Other than that, just like splitboarding. Great views up there, all the way to Rainier. Nice little fire lookout tower, too. You can spend the night there, even, but it's first come first served. Would sure suck to make the 5-mile trek up there and have someone beat you to it. Gotta keep those legs up, though. Making a push for Mt. St. Helens in September. Got any favorite hikes around Mt. Hood or in the Gorge? Leave 'em in the comments.

How long with this kit keep you sane?

1 comment:

  1. if you hike up on a mountain bike you can splitboard down

    or whatever I'm trying to say

    hiking is cool. I wouldn't say I'm a hiker, but I go on hikes. Ya dig?

    Gotta be water at the end for me. Alpine lake or river back at camp.

    I can hike on pot, that's cool.

    Harder to outrun the bugs on foot.

    I dunno. Hiking is fun. Hood probably has some secret caverns and swimming holes and stuff, but I know nothing.



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