Thursday, April 11, 2013

Big Weekend for Mt Hood

You thought April spelled the end of snowboarding? What am I thinking, my reader(s) know better than that. This weekend all three major Mt. Hood properties have big-time goings on.

Let's start with Meadows because that's where I'm usually riding. They're hosting the Ski to Defeat ALS event on Saturday the 13th. ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, so yes, it's a cause worth championing. Last year they raised over $160,000. Let's get out there and double it. Apres entertainment will be provided by electro-acoustic troubadour Tony Smiley. Oh and kids lessons are 2-for-1 now 'til April 28, so bring the tykes and show them the reason you're all excited about winter. And if that doesn't get 'em, the hot cocoa will.

Not an Olympic-qualifying event... yet.
Timberline is where the real jam is. Saturday is the first ever Yobeat Powder 8 contest. Get judged on which team makes the best '8'. Simple, right? Better get signed up now, there's only room for 15 teams. Who am I kidding, if it's not full already, I'll join myself and call my team 'The Dummest Man in tah World and His Only True Friend' and get one of those 'I'm with Stupid' shirts for my friend. You should still watch, though. It should be a real hoot. Sunday is Airblaster's Board Games. That one's all about Terry's Maximum Airtime Rhythm Section. They've had years to perfect the section, so you better be ready for an on-point set of humps that will put Fergie to shame. Check it out.

Next year, I'm starting Bored Games. Events include sarcasm, mediocrity and innuendo. 
Even Ski Bowl is getting in on the action this weekend. Friday through Sunday, they're hosting the US Airbag Demo Tour. You know the drill, cheese wedge to Paul Bunyan's lunch bag. Huck your junk. Tickets start at $10 for three jumps. If you prepay for 25 jumps ($45) you get a free die-cut sticker. If that's not the worst freebie you've heard about today, leave a comment below. They make up for it on Sunday, though. Sunday you get to ride free. Seriously. There is a suggested donation of four non-perishable food items. Note to crunchy prospective attendees: kale, while healthy as all mana and probably something everyone should eat more of, is perishable. They will not accept it. They will take Twinkies before they take your kale. Do us all a favor and eat the kale yourself and go get a couple cans of chili. Also bad form: 10-cent canned corn, there is no nutrition in that. Just follow Rule #1*.

Ski Bowl: It's April and their hill doesn't look like a soccer field. Party!
If that's not enough to get you on the mountain this weekend, well just imagine they're giving away beer, too. I'm sure one of them is. Probably Yobeat.

*Rule #1 is "Don't be a dick."

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