Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tailgate Alaska: The Weather Breaks

That's what I'm talkin bout

Yup, the sun even shines in Alaska sometimes. After another single-run, mostly-waiting day, (Enchanted Kingdom with Alex, Dane and Leigh, guided by Ken) I was downgraded to a half-day and the priority shaft that goes with it. Meaning I got to wait some more, even on a bluebird day. This waiting had a distinctly different feel to it. The feel that I'm actually going to ride, before the sun sets, just not right now. Much better than the past days of sitting around not knowing if I'll ever ride in AK. Today? Tomorrow!? Next year!?!? More like 1:00, be here, be ready. That's more like it.

My group for the day was three California firefighters: Martin, Lance and Clayton
Our guide, Ken, from Tahoe
Top of the first and third line: Cold Smoke (reverse view, I'm not insane)
Clayton, pure stoke on Cold Smoke.
Bottom of Cold Smoke. Fun features, 10-footers, etc.
Second run: Bloodstain. Follow the tracks back to the gully shadow in the middle.
Ender ender. Thanks everybody, see you next year!
That's as close as I can get you without a GoPro-on-a-stick. After that, you'll have to pony up the dough. Trust me, it's worth it. All waiting and bs aside, when the bluebird day came and I finally got out there, it was about the best time I've ever had. And that was only a half day... Start saving your pennies and clear your calendar for next April. I'll see you up there.

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