Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who You Callin' a Hoe!?

Snow and sun!? Weird.

The Tahoe trip is a wrap. The final day at Squaw didn't deliver six feet of blower on the upper mountain that it could have, but it still had 40" and that's good enough for me. Lift lines were the only real downer of the day. Twice we had to wait in 45-minute lines full of irritable folk and skiiers trying to snake you out of your spot. Once I got in line with my friend only to end up three people behind him once we got to the chairs.

Everybody and his mom

Luckily, both lines served up the goods. Knee to thigh-deep pow and open bowls. Scattered tracks, but still distinguishable as individual tracks. Definitely not moguls. The highlight was fresh tracks down Sun Bowl. A dozen or so turns all to ourselves. Run of the year so far.

Kickin' back after a long day.

Now, I'm back in Portland. Mt. Hood has been picking up right where Tahoe left off. Starting with four feet of snow this week. New lifts to open tomorrow. Let's see what Cascade is all about with that much new. Maybe some high-speed, top-to-bottom runs. After all, I'm pseudo-training now. Possible big trip in the future. Only three weeks out. Check your calendar, maybe you know what I mean...


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