Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snowboarder Figures It Out

Frequent readers and those with better memories than mine may remember a post I wrote about winning a contest through Snowboarder Magazine, but never getting the prize. Well, turns out Snowboarder is having some legit personnel problems that left my prize in limbo. The crux is this, there never was a physical prize, just a numerical code sent via e-mail. I was one e-mail away from a trip to Colorado that whole time. November to March. Instead, I ended up in Tahoe. For the best week of their season. Thanks? Anyway, Pat Bridges came through personally and I sent the code to a buddy of mine in CO. I hope the snow is good in Breck, Cody. Enjoy.

Now if I could only get Transworld and 686 to admit that they owe me a pair of Smarty Cargo Pants...

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  1. ha! that's funny...you won, but you lost. but really, you're just winning tahoe pow and stoking out your bro.

    he owes you one for that.


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