Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snowboarding for Grown-ups? No Way!?

Here's a good excerpt from a magazine article I stumbled upon:
"Although any winter footwear could tie in with the soft binding, it’s best to select supple boots with good liners, such as Sorels, to soften the pressure of the front strap. Stiff boots and rigid bindings become an option after you reach intermediate ability."
Wow! This might be OK if it was printed during the Carter administration, but alas it is from Western SnowSports, Winter 2009-2010. Clearly what they mean is Western Skiing.

I say that as I look at a picture of myself and three friends, all snowboarding in Sorels. North Dakota in the 90's follows no rules for anyone's chronology. It's like you jumped into that crazy lady's wardrobe and popped out in another time and place. You better hope the one in Sorels is destined to rule the world, otherwise you're just cruisin' for a broken ankle.

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