Monday, December 14, 2009

Breaking News: STOLEN BOARD!

This just in from Shayboarder, her board and bindings got stolen right from out the back of her pickup. We're looking for a Never Summer Lotus 157 and Union Force SL bindings in size M/L in the white/black/red colorway. The theft went down at Copper Mountain, CO but it was during a huge event, so that thing could be anywhere by now. She doesn't remember the serial number on the board, but says it was something like 10008 with a 'V' stamped next to it for the voided warranty. Check out the specifics on her site. If the stickers are in tact, it's a dead giveaway, but also look for a sticker between the bindings, hiding the serial number. Here's what we're after:

Union Force SL bindings, worn

Never Summer Lotus 157

Let's get this gear back to an upstanding member of the snowboard community.

While we're at it, everyone go to your snowboard(s) and write down their serial numbers. These are the only way to truly identify your board in case of theft. Some boards, unfortunately, don't have them. For instance, my one run-in with a thief happened with this board which had no serial number:

Lib Tech TRS 157 (no Magne-Traction)
Tech Nine MFM Pro binders in white, yellow, blue - S/M
Stolen from Timberline, spring 2007

Please take care of you boards. It only takes a minute for an unscrupulous rider to rip you off. When that happens, let's take care of each other and get that shit back.


  1. Please register this for free at It's a site that registers, monitors and helps recover boards, bikes, etc. They are also in the process of developing some really rad technologies that will actually track gear like lojack! Check it out and best of luck getting your board back!


  2. I would love to catch somebody steeling my board or not mine, I would not play nice,mater fact I am sure he would visit the hospital on his way to the police station.


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