Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baker Banked Slalom: Holland, Ricker and Strohl Take Pro Divisions

It was another sunny day at Mt. Baker for the finals of the Banked Slalom. Word from the course was that riders were going down faster than free beer. The carnage took did not discriminate. Pro men and younger ams were taken down alike. Put together two clean runs and your reward was probably some duct tape. Minibike over at Board as Fuck didn't mince words, "Sketchiest course off [sic] all time." You can find all the results over at the official website, if not now then soon. Here's a quick rundown of the winners.

Next Gen: Hank Kennedy
Juniors: Gus Warbington
Younger Ams: Logan Beaulieu
Older Ams: Craig Newbury
Women's Ams: Danielle Davis
Women's Masters: Weeg Simmons
Masters: Marcel Dolak
Mid-Masters: Dave Wray
Grand Masters: Jim "JT" Taylor
Pro Masters: Ludovic Strohl
Pro Women: Maelle Ricker
Pro Men: Nate Holland

Yup, Mr. X-Games 4-peat himself. Originally from Sandpoint, ID, he's no stranger to the Northwest. This is, however, his first pro win at the LBS. Congratulations, Nate. Maelle took home her third gold in a row. Better start working harder if you want to catch her, ladies.

Of course good times were shared by all and plenty of stories got tossed around from the mic by master of ceremonies Gwyn Howat. For that, well, you just had to be there. Here are some photos for a little taste of what you of what you missed.

Victoria Jealouse, the bank robber, disappears into the vault

Maelle Ricker en route to a win

The spoils

The victors: Graham Watanabe, 2nd Pro Men and Nate Holland (l to r)

The brain trust: The Howat Family

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