Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mt. Hood Meadows Chairway 2 Heaven, Sunday

Yes, CHAIRway. Apologies to Led Zeppelin. Here's the deal, speed dating on Meadows' Blue chair. If you know anything about this chairlift, you know 'speed' isn't usually anywhere in the mix. It's a nine-minute ride barring any slowing or stoping, which usually happens due to the exit ramp being among the gnarliest lines on the entire mountain.

Anyway, the lift lines are split into one line for ladies and one line for fellas. I guess it's hetero only, look, I don't make the rules. You get nine minutes to get to know one another and then decide. Did he blow you away with his use of 'bro' as almost every word in a sentence? Did she flawlessly navigate that dicey exit ramp? Perhaps it was meant to be. Make your way to the 'Meadows Mingle' near the bottom of the lift for some mellow tunes from Barry White or Luther Vandross while feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries by the fire pit.

Take a long walk on the beach over to Mt. Hood Meadows' website for full details.


  1. I've seen several places doing similar events this season. I think it would be harder here in the midwest when you only have 2-3 minutes.

  2. Might be even more interesting with a 3 or 4 seated chair...

  3. Shanna, now that's speed dating. Anonymous, awesome or awesomely awkward.


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