Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Nut Sagging

Many of you know by now, but if I only get to one new person, it's worth it. My friend Kevin is down to his last nut. Cancer plucked the other from him like a tasty grape. I hope to never have to make an analogy like that again. Anyway, the medical bills are mounting. Enter good friend Scott E Wittlake:

Long story short, you can own Scotty's original artwork (as featured on one of his Lib Tech pro model boards). Just e-mail him and bid it up. All proceeds go to Kevin's medical bills.

For more ways to donate check out the limited edition Airblaster t-shirt here and the donation page here. Also, check out Kev's Cancer on Facebook. Drop a buck, protect a nut and help support the Portland shred scene.


  1. The web site says the shirt "is a new custom fit that is long and slim. It is a premium shirt that feels as soft as a babies bottom." I ordered one immediately.

  2. They weren't lying...this is one soft mf'ing shirt. And it comes with a DVD of snowboarding vids!


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