Thursday, August 18, 2011

Outside Magazine is Hip to Brain Farm

The September 2011 issue of Outside Magazine just hit mailboxes and the first article in the book is a 5-pager entitled The Next Picture Show chronicling Brain Farm's rise to fame. Don't run out and buy it just for that, though, the text is available at Outside online. The article throws around names like 'Justin Timberlake' and '50 Cent', talks about Curt Morgan's millions of dollars worth of high-tech toys and generally brings awareness to Brain Farm and their newest child, The Art of Flight. One thing you won't find on the web version is a sidebar entitled The Toy Chest. In it, we the reader learn about the $70,000 Phantom HD Gold camera, the $500,000 Cineflex V14 HD camera system, the $35,000 RED ONE HD camera and, ya know, the AStar B3 Helicopter. Well worth the read.

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