Thursday, May 12, 2011

Superpark 15: No One Escapes the Rules

Rule number one when snowboarding in the northwest is that weather is always a factor. Rule number two is show us your method.

First person to tell me who this is, I will 'friend' you on Facespace.
My second day at Superpark 15 was much like my first. This time, however, I made it on-time (aided by the late start from mediocre skies) and remembered my camera. More wall-riding madness. More 100-foot booters. More crazy jib cube.

Unknown rider safely exits the cube.

Tim Humphreys with a big gap redirect

I also got in on a slash sesh that included Terry Kidwell and Shawn Farmer. Fizz cut the following promo just as I was riding up, "This is Shawn Farmer at Superpark 15 and I didn't come here to ride, I came here to rap." That should make for some good video.

Like, I said though, the weather rolled in around 4:30 and mediocre skies became excellent skies, if you're into swimming through the air. Visibility went to zero and the rain came down so hard that the thought occurred to me to kayak down the mountain. The park was clear faster than if they were handing out free beer at the base lodge.

Due to this abbreviated session, I still haven't seen anyone hit the big channel gap hip, though. Hence, no pictures. The bigger booters haven't seen much action, either. I'm hoping everyone didn't hit those on day one (the day I missed) and just move on.

Now for my final day at Superpark 15 at Mt. Bachelor. Goals: check out the gap hip and witness a triple cork. You can't fight progression, so just grab the popcorn and enjoy it. As always, check out Snowboarder magazine if you want up to the day pictures and video.

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