Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Banff Tour: Day 2

Banff's signature image this year by Topher Donahue

Another stellar lineup for a Wednesday night of mountain-film watching. All running times approximate.

The Swiss Machine -  Ueli Steck speed climbs various routes in Yosemite and the Swiss Alps. Alex Honold shows up, awkward as ever.  (15 minutes)

Kranked Kids: Just Down the Road - Dad leaves son alone. Dad is a bike filmer. Story of son's joyride. Cute family stuff. (5 minutes)

The Asgard Project - Story of a climbing and wingsuit BASE jump project on a remote Baffin Island peak. What an ordeal. They didn't make it look like fun at all. Except the BASE jumping. A tiny portion of the total. Too much climbing and suffering. (45 minutes)

Into Darkness - Short introspective on caving. Made me feel claustrophobic just watching it. Portland produced by John Waller and Uncage the Soul Video Productions (15 minutes)

Chimæra - Slo-mo ski movie. Some park, some pow, some landscape. I'd like it more if I wasn't so sick of slo-mo. (5 minutes)

Eastern Rises - Fly fishing porn about a trip to Russia's far eastern Kamchatka peninsula. Big fish, big laughs, bigfoot. Best film of the tour so far. (30 minutes)

Here fishy fishy

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