Friday, March 25, 2011

Board Exam: 2010/2011 Bataleon Omni Snowboard Review

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 What the rep said: Triple Base Technology (TBT) means the board is flat between the contact points, but outside the contact points it is concave from edge to edge. This is a softer, cambered all-mountain board.

I rode the Omni 159 with Union Force SL bindings and rented Burton boots at Mt. Baker. I'm currently checking in at 6'1" and 165#.

Everything from groomers to powder and trees to gullies.

First impression:
Skeptical. Average weight on my foot.

The Ride: Love the flex. Bataleon gives it a 5.5 out of 10 (10 being the stiffest) and I'd agree (maybe 5.67325 if you want to get specific and I don't). The medium flex coupled with the camber made for a nice poppy board that was stable on landings.

The TBT was subtle. It gives the board a feel like the edges are extra beveled, but It's still quick edge to edge. This took a run to get used to, but I wouldn't call it a detriment to the board. Just like all different board technologies it had a slight learning curve. No catching edges = great for beginners!

The board was damp without being dead. It could soak up most of the chop and still butter around better than most cambered boards thanks to the TBT. Let's be honest though, it's still cambered, so you're not winning any 'Nosepress of the Year' awards.

In the powder, nothing past boot-tops, it performed just fine.  Maybe a little extra float over a board without TBT, but you'll still have to set your stance back on the deep days.

Bottom Line: Mid-flexing camber with pop, stability, dampness and float. TBT isn't the selling point, it's the flex. The Omni is a versatile all-mountain machine. Something for beginner to expert. Yes, camber is still alive and kickin' like Richard Simmons in 2011!

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