Thursday, October 14, 2010

Exit Real World is Just About Legal

Think Portland and snowboarding and you probably think unreasonably long drives to schralp some glaciated park features in the summer... or in the rain. Right after that, though, you probably think about Exit Real World, the down-as-hell, 'core' shop that's celebrating it's 17th anniversary this month. That seed was actually sewn in Salem way back when and the party returns this weekend. Friday, October 15th at 8pm, The Ike Box in Downtown Salem (299 Cottage St.) will be lighting up the silver screen with Volcom's 9191 and Peepshow's Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow. As if a shred double-feature wasn't good enough (did I mention it's only $5!?) Exit is having their biggest sale of the year the following Saturday and Sunday! Up to 75% off and shit!! Could I be more excited!!! Of course I could, think of all the free stuff they'll probably give away at this jam!!!1 I can hardly contain myself...
Kip Winger will not be appearing

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