Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baldface 2.0: Oh Yes I Did

Some people shell out for a week of summer shred camp. Me I go for a week at Baldface. I'll take spring pow and gourmet meals over a chilidog-fueled bro-down any day. Currently, I'm sitting in my chalet. I paid for a lodge room, but two people were no-shows. Border problems, I guess. I'm not sure how. I showed up with no passport and still made it through. In less time than it took last year. A quick 20-minute search of my vehicle and I was on my way. Spent another night at the White House Hostel. Cheap bed, you seen one you seen 'em all. The next morning, however hot springs action.

Sweet view from the hot springs.

Ainsworth Hot Springs is just up the road from Nelson and they do it right. A 96°F (35.5°C) pool starts things out. From there you go to one of two X-treemes: the 41°F (5°C) straight outta the river waterfall and cold plunge or the 105°F (40°C) horseshoe-shaped hot cave and tub. Maxin' and relaxin' without the b-ball shooting. That's just why my aching joints needed after getting worked one too many times on my last visit to Meadows.

 Arctic plunge or hot tub caves?

Comparatively luke-warm pool.

Now, a short 7-minute heli ride later, I'm at Baldface Lodge. The heli came over the ridge and into view of the lodge and it felt like the gates to paradise had opened before me. Now it's on. It's been snowing for a couple days. One of the guides said yesterday was the best of the season. I'm locked in, gnar boots at the ready. My Never Summer SL-R got the binding pushed back and I also set up a Malolo 162. More on those later. I'm off for one last check of everything before bed. The quicker I fall asleep the quicker the best riding of my life comes. A kid might have Christmas morning, I get the next four days. Instead of sleigh bells, I'll be hearing a diesel snowcat in my dreams.

View from the chalet at sunset. How lucky am I!?


  1. That last pic is a stunner! Have a great day.

  2. Shit man, just when I'm starting to come to terms with my season coming to an end in a month you bust this out. I am not ready for the off-season.

    (Plus, after you mentioned the Gnu Billy Goat in your email, and I picked one up. I did some more research and it made sense, plus I found a great deal on one, it just arrived to my office today.)


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