Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Come Back To SNOW!?

OK, I'm back in the US after a November trip to Southeast Asia and Mt. Hood is already rocking out like GWAR is in town. Quick comparison, Cambodia feels like being wrapped in a body-sized moist towelette and then stuffed into a sauna. After that, Portland felt a tad chilly. I did catch a good look at Hood from the 205 bridge the other day and spontaneously burst into operatic song. The bitch went from bald to white afro faster than you can say rogaine with monoxodil. After I shake off the jet lag and my mysteriously tweaked leg, I'll be up there. Maybe tomorrow. In the mean time I'll look for some appropriate pictures from the Kingdom of Wonder (Cambodia) to share with you. Keep the box locked on the one that rocks, Lazer 96.1 (radio station of my youth).

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