Monday, June 22, 2009

The Route Firms...

Work is done. Many bugs were squashed along the way, some were just ignored. They'll get along just fine without me. A phone call might be in order to see if everything got finished. That call will have to wait.

Right now I'm in Santa Cruz, CA. It's 80° and sunny. I don't miss Portland weather. Soon I'll be in the Seirras; Sequoia National Park to be sure. Something about trees the size of 30-story buildings feels like the proper perspective. After that, Death Valley. There's a contrast. From 20-foot wide trees at 7000 feet to 120° desert at -200 feet. But it's a dry heat...

Las Vegas comes next. I have friends there and probably internet access again, so I'll drop an update on you then. Maybe I'll even have some pictures ready. Maybe I'll have them tonight.

The path out of Vegas goes through Cedar City, Utah and Glenwood Springs, Colorado. (I won't make SLC on the trip out, Benny, but you're first in line for the return.) Not sure what's between Glenwood and Williston, but I'm sure I can find something. My only concrete date is July 3 in Williston, North Dakota. Quite the get-together awaits. Thus far, the journey has been most enjoyable. This morning I ate breakfast with friends at a bakery called Emily's. The sign out front said, "Relax, you have plenty of time." Fully. Words to live by. Or at least road trip by.


  1. call me for sure, you can defenitely crash at my pad, and we'll do something good.

  2. Hey Graham,
    stop by Denver, CO and we'll roll you thru the NS factory.....always down for tours if you gots the time, we just need a day or so's notice....holler. 303-320-1813


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