Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chronological Aberration

Is anyone else reading Jeremy Jones' AK-Deeper posts!? Better question, is anyone else wondering why Teton Gravity Research (best company name ever, by the way) and Brain Farm had to pick the same year to start/release their two-year projects? One more, is 2010/11 the year Jeremy Jones wins every award like Travis Rice did this year? Or will TRice just win them all over again. I mean did you see that crevasse gap!? Jeremy Jones just grabs method. Wait, actually he claims first descents on some of the hairiest lines possible. Lines that he's probably the only living rider who can look at them and still keep his base layer clean, much less ride. And he still has the presence of mind to grab method. It's time for that guy to collect some props (but not for his command of grammar, that's on the level of a tween sending texts). I'm casting an early ballot for Jeremy Jones for rider of the year in 2010/11. Yeah and Flight + Deeper = more exploding heads than The Evil Dead. Just a prediction from this humble blogger. If only we could get them to alternate years with the insanity.

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  1. in the immortal words of...well; me: THIS AINT NO SPELLING BEE BRUV!

    dude's on some shit. so good. ...I dig.


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