Thursday, January 29, 2009

Video Review: Pirate Movie Production's Overseas

I just got done watching this video of Travis Rice at the Transworld Riders' Choice Awards and it reminded me how good Overseas really was. Especially Benedek. Here goes.

Rider list: Gigi Rüf, David Benedek, Dan Brisse, Danny Larsen, Björn Hartweger, Marko Grilc, Lukas Goller, Marco Feichtner, Dimi Fesenko, Mike Casanova, Osa, Drew Fuller, Eirik Haugo, Sani Alibabic, Teo Konttinen, Emeric Front, Hannes Metzler, Tyler Chorlton, Jocki Köffler, Hans Ahlund, Kalle Ohlson, Josh Sherman

Opinion: Lots of riders, to be sure. And most of them get after it hard. Let me start by saying that some friends and I are pretty sure that David Benedek wasn't born to parents, but created in a lab somewhere. He does things on a snowboard that don't seem human and he does them with style. Including the trick mentioned by TRice. Gigi is off the chain yet again. Talk about style, his has to be in my top 5 currently. So smooth. Another guy who laid it down was Dan Brisse. You might have seen Dan filming some with TJ in The Snowboard Realms, but that's not even a glimpse of what he's capable. He shows off a toolbox full of hammers in this one, despite being one of very few non-Euros in the vid. Speaking of which, I don't know whether it was the music or all the flips, but this film had a distinctly Euro feel to it. Similar to Isenseven's stuff. Speaking of flips, keep your eyes open for the triple. Madness!

If I had to knock the movie on any front, it would be the pace. Non-stop rapid-fire action. It might have been because I was in a premier setting among a crowd and talking to friends in between segments, but it felt a little fast. That and some of the sections just didn't live up to the standards set by guys like David and Gigi. What can you do? Not everyone has that deep a bag of tricks.

I really got to give the cats props on coming out with Runway to support Boarding for Breast Cancer and SOS Outreach on the premier tour. A few of the riders showed up with the tour to sign autographs and otherwise elevate the vibe. It's always nice to have an event like that for such important causes and every year someone steps up for B4BC and they put on a great event. Salomon and Bonfire also pitched in and free beer and dancing wrapped up the night.

Anyway, back to the film! Snowboards were flexed from every angle: from backcountry booters to cityscape concrete and park action in between. Next-level shit was hammered in every venue. If you don't mind sitting through a couple comparatively mediocre sections pick this one up and get your mind blown from Overseas.

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