Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tricked Again!?

This can't be happening. The plan for tonight was to go see a metal show. I even had to turn down an invite to a poker game for it, but it was going to be worth it. The lineup was 3 Inches of Blood, The Sword and Lamb of God. Ticket price was $25 pre-fees. I checked the night before and they were still available. Sweet, I'll show up and purchase on-site to avoid the TicketBastard (in)convenience charges. Then, I roll up to the show. There's a line around the block and a big sign on the door, "Tonight's show is SOLD OUT." Ugh. After making sure I had the correct night and that I didn't just butt in on HipsterFest 2008, I called for tickets. Heeeeere scalper, scalper, scalper.
"How much for a ticket?"
"80 bucks"
"Nah, man, I only need ONE."
"80 bucks"
"How much does your mother charge for... oh never mind..."
No way I was talking him below 60. I guess I'll have to read about it tomorrow on Board as Fuck. Besides, I know a place right around the corner where $10 buys a beer and a whole night of fun. That magical wonderland is Ground Kontrol! This classic arcade is not to be confused with the David Bowie song "Space Oddity," ('Ground control to Major Tom' anyone?) which is the backing music for Jeremy Jones's section in this year's Absinthe film Ready. Seriously, though, that video part was rad. I'll review the whole she-bang soon, but he killed it, as usual. And the musical choice was, rad, too. People even clapped at the appropriate time at the premier. Hell yeah! I have some video from that, including an interview with Mr. Jones himself, that I'll put up soon, too. Promise. Anyway, I was telling you about how I had a bottle of fine Northwestern pale ale and played, in no particular order: DigDug, Burger Time, Track and Field and Missile Command. I'm a little crushed that I didn't get to Mario Bros. (not Super Mario Bros., mind you), but it's right next to Donkey Kong and that game is so hot right now that the crowd around it looked like the crowd outside the Lamb of God show. Chaos. I hung out, listened to the DJ (yeah, this place is that cool) set some high scores and generally had a good time. I guess the joke is on that scalper. Haha. You'll have to try harder than that to ruin my Wednesday night!

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