Thursday, September 21, 2017

Board Brands to Watch: Public Snowboards

Sometimes I get tasked with a job that requires me to distill the essence of a thing into not nearly enough words to do that thing justice for not as much pay as I would hope for. Recently, Transworld Snowboarding gave me just such a task and it was published on their site as Eight Board Brands to Keep an Eye On.

Transworld graciously allowed me to share the interviews and pictures that I drew from on my humble blog. What better way to kick off the new season than with the final chapter from last season with Joe Sexton of Public Snowboards, edited sparingly for spelling and clarity.

How would you explain your brand to someone stumbling across it for the first time?
I would hope that someone stumbling across our brand for the first time would be intrigued by the graphics, we are trying to do something a little different and its fun to take chances with patterns, colors, and overall layout of the snowboard. If said person was interested enough to look into the personality of the brand, I think they would see a brand that was started by someone who truly loves snowboarding, and a company that is genuinely having fun making snowboards. Everyone from the team to the artist and contributors are passionate about everything we do.

Courtesy of Public Snowboards

How did you get into the whole snowboard manufacturing game?
It had always been a dream of mine to start a snowboard brand. It always felt so hard to accomplish though, like a "where do I even start " kind of mentality. As time went on and I started to learn more about the "business" side of snowboarding, I helped start the apparel brand 1817 and learned so much from that. From there all the pieces just fell into place to start a board brand, we had some amazing help, the timing was perfect and PUBLIC was born.

What separates Public from other brands on the market?
I don't really want to "compete" with other small brands, I look at all them as allies in this. I guess the main thing that would separate us is the fact that if someone is interested in the brand or has a question about it, I write back, I think that is cool that as an owner I can have that connection.

Where or what do you draw inspiration from?
EVERYTHING !!! haha I feel like we are inspired by so much, and it is changing all the time. Its always movies, tv, music, art, internet, old stuff, new stuff.

What is essential to snowboarding for you?
SNOW ! first off, you need snow to snowboard, so I hope we get a lot of it this winter :) Another thing that is essential to snowboarding at least to me, is friends to share the experience with.

Where and how are your boards made?
We have a great factory. The people who work there have a great attention to detail, and really work hard to make a great product.

How can Joe Public (pun game strong) get their hands on your boards?
HAHA ! I like that. The boards will be available exclusively at the local snowboard shop. We will not have an online store selling boards, we are doing this because we still believe in buying snowboards from a snowboard shop, go to the shop, pick it up, flex it, stand on it. Make sure it works for you, ask the shop worker questions. For our first year we did a smaller run, with limited quantities and size run. We are excited to grow the company and the line in the future. If someone wants a board and is having trouble finding one they can email and we can do our best to find them a shop!

Seriously, Joe sent this picture to me himself.

Is there any chance they can ride one before they buy?
We will have some on hill demos at some resorts and events !

What do you see in the future for Public?
Hopefully just more fun, this has been such an amazing experience so far. The company is not even 1 year old. Already it has been a blast to start and work on!

What else would you like people to know about Public?
That we are truly grateful for any body that buys a product from us !! I know in this day and age what some kids are going through to buy a snowboard, if a kid is working hard all summer to buy a snowboard, and he buys a PUBLIC that is amazing!! We want to make sure that kid is taken care of

Do you have anything else to add or any questions for me, you know, since I've been doing all the asking?
Thanks a lot for this opportunity, thanks for giving me the time to rant about something I care so much about. I am excited to bring the boards and everything to the PUBLIC !!!

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