Monday, December 21, 2015

Snowboard Magazine, Gone 'til September

Last year I published this piece about how early some snowboard magazines put out their final issues of the season. Well it turns out this year they were all rushing to be the first one done again. Shout out to Snowboard Magazine for winning the race. If I understand the final words from their editor correctly, they're done for the winter. In her column, Inside Line, editor in chief Susie Floros had this to say, "Accept nothing as a constant - except change. Drop into the unknown, or at least the last issue of Volume 12."

Maybe print isn't the right medium for snowboarding. It's expensive and clunky, everything that you're reading about happened a year ago, the pages get torn in the mail so you can't properly turn them at your leisure. How do you miss the boat like this, though? I got this issue in mid-December, a week before winter officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Here's a little more about Snowboard Magazine. They put out four issues each year from August to December. That's not many issues, but does that sound like a snowboard magazine timeline? Yeah, I'm getting stoked, but what about January through April? At least March. Come on! Don't your advertisers want to sell me shit in February at least!? Like those jackets languishing on the 40%-off rack. Here is a direct quote from the subscription page on their website, "We'd love to make more issues, however we'd prefer to shred during the winter than make more magazines." Aside from being a poorly constructed sentence, it's a sentiment I can get behind. But what's wrong with shifting your publication schedule so you can get people stoked to go shred during the actual winter months? If change is the only constant, maybe their schedule will change next volume.

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