Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kickstart the Moon

The talented women of Runway Films are busy cranking out a movie this year and they're looking for a Kickstart. Internetsters, check out Full Moon: Women's Snowboarding, Past, Present & Future! Undoubtedly the deepest reward list from a women's snowboard film I've ever seen. It starts at the $5-level and moves all the way up to $8 grand! They've got goodies like trips to Baldface, Dakine backpacks and locks of hair from team riders in there. Go check it out and help make snowboarding history: Full Moon Kickstarter

Cool side note, I see this went live last night, which was also a full moon in the astronomical sense. Mad props for that bit of planning (or amazing turn of coincidence)! All the more reason to open your wallets, I say.

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