Monday, August 4, 2014

Cute Baby Animals

I'm told the internets love cute baby animals. And why not? They are fun to look at and harmless, like a socially acceptable form of porn, minus the orgasm (right?). OK, well I found out there was a cute baby animal farm near me (Ranier, Oregon), so I took the girlfriend and we got our snorgling on. Here's a link to the actual place, the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center. Do not be alarmed by that url, I assure you it is wholesome family fun. On to the cute!
He was always interested in 'over there,' even when it was a moth
Here we have a Siberian Lynx kitteh. You can tell he's Siberian and not a Canadian Lynx because his breath smells like vodka and he's amazing at ice dancing. He and I made fast friends. It wasn't 10 minutes before he was just in a knot of paws in my lap.

Lap lynx
Next up was a Malaysian Fishing Cat. The smallest of the bunch. Tell jokes about her prime minister at your own peril. She's got one look and it's 'cute steel'.

She had a bit of an otter vibe about her.
This bearcat is called a binturong. Apparently this guy and the Malaysian Fishing cat are good buddies. She's probably attracted to his natural perfume of Fritos (seriously, he smells like corn chips and it's totally natural).

"Why is that lady opening a jar of salsa?"
The main attraction was the pair of Snow Leopards. These two were all over the place. One of them got out of the pen and gave the wandering chickens a hell of a scare. Also, the little dude tried to maul me, but he's not quite there yet.

Show me a cuter mauling. I dare double kitty dare you.
I must have annoyed her, she was hitting the bottle early and often.
The last stop was the wolf den. These guys were a bit bigger. Apparently, they're growing by leaps every day. Wake up in the morning, oh, the wolves are a foot taller than yesterday. Not quite as cute (I'm more of a cat person) and twice as aggressive, but fun nonetheless. They like to nip at faces and there are three of them (two timberwolves and an arctic), so I got some reflex testing. Also, wrestling and hugging.

Sometimes they even do what you ask. For food, of course.
Huge thanks to the whole crew at ZWCC! I'll have to stop by again for the sloths....

See ya later, you big oaf of a monkey.

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