Saturday, February 2, 2013

Transworld Snowboarding Riders' Poll Awards

The Transworld Riders' Poll Awards were last night. If you want to play the 'who would I have voted for' game, here's a list of the nominees. And here's a list of the winners.

Women's Rookie of the Year: Corrine Pasela. I've never heard of her, but she can ride rails. Not like Jess Kimura, but pretty good.

Men's Rookie of the Year: Frank April. I don't know how he's a rookie, but what are you gonna do. Tough competition on this one. 

Women's Video Part of the Year: Desiree Melancon. She had a part with Videograss and slayed the urban. Also a fiend in banked slalom-like events. Mentioned that sucking dick might have had something to do with it, a theme that would be repeated.

Men's Video Part of the Year: Mikkel Bang. I didn't actually see it, but the hype was up there. The kid's fun to watch ride, at any rate.

Video of the Year: Burton's 13. Again, didn't see it. Might just have to buy it.

Web Video Project of the Year: Salomon's Team Vacation. The only web series of the three noms that I didn't see. Good news, it's online.

Standout of the Year: Nicolas Muller. You can always pencil him in for best something. He won the Real Snow Backcountry and delivered another amazing part for Absinthe. Also, Turn of the Year. Watch Resonance, you'll know the one.

Women's Readers' Choice: Jess Kimura. She rides hard as hell, that translates to the fans.

Men's Readers' Choice: Torstein Horgmo. Always a fan favorite. Not in attendance to accept, but filmed a selfie speech from a trampoline gym. I couldn't hear it mostly, but I think he said something about octo-corks.

Women's Rider of the Year: Jess Kimura. Not surprising, though the competition was intense.

Men's Rider of the Year: Nicolas Müller. See above.

Legend Award: Peter Line. Hell of a speech. Said he didn't prepare one because he got distracted by the movie While You Were Sleeping. Went on to compare snowboarding to said movie. Classic.

Yup. Them's the winners. John Jackson and GT hosted the show. It wasn't without strange and awkward moments. I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention, but two girls made out (at the podium) and then Danny Kass and Austin Smith made out. Not so sure about that one. Some dude was taking his shirt off all the time up by where I was watching. Not that rad. General snowboarding-themed debauchery, I guess. And the beat goes on.

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