Thursday, January 17, 2013

Missing Snowboarder Found Alive in Casino

I gotta believe this kind of thing happens all the time.
A missing snowboarder who prompted an all-night search at Heavenly Ski Resort was found safe and sound at a Lake Tahoe casino.
OK, maybe not the all-night search part, but the 'Where the hell is my friend? Oh, there he is playing poker,' part.
Rescuers searched throughout the night in snow, wind and avalanche danger. More than 75 people were involved in the search that included two helicopters. The cost is estimated $40,000.
It's gonna take more than a hot streak at the dice tables to erase that one. Next time, pick a meeting place and keep your cell phone on. Full story here.


  1. F that. Sallbout the clingy brother on this one, make him pay for it. Dude peaced out and hit the tables--judging from his brother's overreaction, there's probably a reason dude didn't get invited. Live your own life!
    You don't have a right to know where I am at all times, even if you are my family.
    A whole bunch of pussies. You want to run around wild goosechasing me all day, go for it. But don't try and make me pay for it!
    Brother obviously doesn't party AKA u gets no butt, dawg...

  2. If you ever lose me, this is the first place you should look.

  3. a man, I don't think this is a privacy issue. I mean, hopefully he put in some work to find lost guy and didn't just call up the choppers first thing. But overreaction, yeah, for sure.

    Donkey, problem is you would start out at the casino. It's not like you would wander to the slopes.

    I have lost a friend at a casino before, though. As I recall he couldn't find his way out of the bathroom and I couldn't find said bathroom.

  4. I did mushrooms once. It was at MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas. I have not done mushrooms since.

    Whomever's stuck with the bill, Search And Rescue people are a little holier-than-thou to begin with. I'm not sure I like them (call me after they search-and-rescue me, I'm sure I'll change my opinion). Kinda like ski patrols. Whatever. I heard that Notre Dame linebacker's fake girlfriend went missing, maybe they should search-and-rescue her.

    1. shrooms and casinos holy fuck no.

      agree with comment number 1.

      off my nutz.

  5. Hearing you talk about drugs, I can't imagine how you thought that would be a good place to try mushrooms for the first time. I wander around those giant ass Vegas casinos like I'm blitzed half the time when I'm sober. Everyone else is drunk, might as well act the part to fit in. Flashing lights and the constant doodly-diddly of slot machines. Giant statues and fountains. Too Many People. Them trying to convince you you're outside with the whole ceiling painted like the sky bit. Cocktail waitresses and dealers dressed all wack. Now you want to add psychedelics to the mix? In a place with a fucking lion cage (RIP)!? Get the fuck outta here, blid. You were going for some Fear and Loathing shit and you loathed yourself right out of town. Surprised you didn't need search and rescue there. Emergency extraction is right.


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