Monday, March 12, 2012

Mt. Hood Spring Passes Looking to Offer Good Value

If somehow you were able to wait out the season, through the positively paltry December, January and February snowfall and arrive in March with a couple hundred bucks saved, well, good job. Mt. Hood will reward you now. Meadows is offering a spring pass for $149 and Timberline is running theirs out at just $110. At these prices, two trips is the break-even point either way. I'm a Meadows season pass holder and I might just get a Timberline spring pass for the longer season and better park action. Meadows has the Pond Skim coming up as well as a demo day. Don't forget about the Bonezone Banked Slalom at Timberline. Either way, the season is just getting started, so you can't lose.

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